Once you have graduated from GIIMS you become a life long member of our alumni. This association of GIIMS alumni upholds the motto of the Institution. Quality, integrity,creativity, innovation, relevance and service to provide networking opportunities through the development of various activities and initiatives faster relationship among alumni, students, faculty and in general to the society.

alumni 2
Pioneers(1st Batch)
alumni 3
Synergy(2nd Batch)
alumni 4
Hybrids(3rd Batch)
alumni 5
Transformers(4th batch)
alumni 6
Harmony (5th Batch)
alumni 7
Delight (6th Batch)
alumni 8
Unity (7th Batch)
alumni 9
Joy (8th Batch)
alumni 10
Infinity (9th Batch)
Admissions started for 9th Batch (July 2019) in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
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Invest in your future by embarking on a career in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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GIIMS Campus is in the Heart of Cochin City
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Advance your skills, further your career! Study our Supply Chain and Logistics Management
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Placements and Internships are a great way for you to enhance your work experience and workplace skills
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