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PG Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics is derived from the root word “Logos” which means Word of God / Divine Reasoning Movement of anything from anywhere to anywhere is Logistics. Supply Chain Logistics is the flow of material, information and money in the infrastructure of factories, warehouses, ports, information systems, highways, railways, terminals and modes of transportation connecting consumers and suppliers. All establishments need to rely on Logistics to survive. These include restaurants, hospitals, manufacturers, builders, Exim firms, farms etc. Careers in Logistics and SCM can be found in firms in the field of transportation, distribution, freight forwarding, customs house agents, warehousing, rail, aviation, stevedoring, shipping, and also in establishments such as Ports / ICDs, wholesalers, retailers etc. No single career path dominates Logistics management, there are hundreds of them. A career path will be largely influenced by the skills, interests and personal decisions of the individual as well as the size, type, geographic scope and structure of the firm the individual works in.

Salient Features

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management from World University Consortium, Calfornia USA and GIIMS.
  • Advanced Certificate in Logistics from Confederation of Indian Industry Institute of Logistics
  • Internship Certificate from a leading Multi-National Company
  • Industrial Visits
  • Global Theatre
  • Logiztech Global

Special Training with Certificates​

  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Air Cargo Operations
  • Sea Cargo Operations
  • SAP for Materials Management
Semester 1Semester 2
Logistics Concepts & PlanningOperations Strategy
Warehouse & Distribution Facilities ManagementBusiness Communication
Freight Transport ManagementProject Management
Internatinal LogisticsCustomer Service & Relationship Management
Business Management For LogisticiansSupply Chain Information Systems
Geography, Trade Routes & MathematicsCapstone Project
Admissions started for 9th Batch (July 2019) in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
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